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Welcome friend,

What is The Assent Podcast?

The video below is an introduction. It is only a few minutes long explaining what “assent/assenting” means and summarizing the stoic Discipline of Assent.  

It connects Stoicism with principles. Specifically, the principles in Five Principles: Live Purposefully. Work to develop skills. Value people and build relationships. Navigate your environment to add value. Use resources with discipline.

A podcast about assenting with a focus on purpose, skill, people, environment, and resources. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter. 

New Episode!

The Assent Podcast – The Journey of the Old Testament, Special Episode #4

Five Principles

The Five Principles provides a process for living a meaningful life. It integrates five foundational principles to guide you in the development of the skills, relationships, and resources that help you position yourself effectively within your environment to discover more meaning in life. Businesses, communities, and individuals of all types have achieved lasting and meaningful success using these principles throughout history. This book is an affordable guide to these principles and an easy read to help you along this path. The real cost is in the purposeful, focused, and disciplined execution of the principles in this book.

It is better by assenting to truth to conquer opinion, than by assenting to opinion to be conquered by truth.

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