The Assent Podcast – Genesis and Creation, Special Episode #2

In the beginning, there was an unfathomable burst of creation. The Assent Podcast proudly presents a dive into the cosmic inception of our universe as narrated by the Old Testament. Genesis 1:1 sets the stage, but there’s more beneath the surface.

This episode, enriched with faith and reason, examines cosmology and the compelling Argument from First Cause, asking: what sparked existence? Was it something, nothing, or has it always been? We approach the universe’s birth with both science and scripture, pondering the Big Bang and the fine-tuning that suggests an intricate design. From proton and electron sizes to the Goldilocks Zone, we explore the mathematical underpinnings and objective morality that shape our reality.

We trace the steps of monotheism, from its Judaic roots through Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam, and consider profound texts like St. Athanasius’s “On the Incarnation,” C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity,” and Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ.”

Embark on a scholarly expedition through the Bible using a five-principle methodology that reveals it as a unified literary work of divine wisdom. We’ll tackle sin and redemption, the quintessential conflict and theme of the Scriptures.

As we journey from Genesis through symbols, patterns, and order, every story, every creation day, culminates in a world teeming with life and purpose. From the cosmic to the individual, from families to nations, a pattern emerges — God, Sin, Redemption.

Tune in for a transformative experience where ancient words transcend time. This isn’t just a tale of the past; it’s wisdom for today, a call to find our place in this vast narrative.

For wisdom and guidance, where do we turn? Join us, as we ascend to the profound truths rooted in the beginning of all things. Welcome to The Assent Podcast — where every story ascends to truth.

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