Our Abolition According to Jack

Today virtue is cast aside,
Laughing honor our guide.
C.S. Lewis warned with prophetic tone,
The heart of man turned back to stone.

“Men without chests,” he sadly spoke,
A world bereft, its values broke.
Not the loss of manly might,
But sentiment’s guiding light.

The Way, nature’s course,
Holds the universe’s force.
Virtue, truth, the good, the just,
In these, our fathers placed their trust.

Yet, modern liars seek to sever,
The ties that bind us all together.
Objective value, once revered,
In subjectivity disappeared.

Our heart, the chest’s true might,
Trained by the lights of day and night.
All the saints of old,
In their wisdom, this truth told.

Education of the heart,
was once a vital art.
Now neglected and cast aside,
In rationality, we hide.

All is reason and body passion,
Faith and love are out of fashion.
Silicon and Athen’s rule,
Jerusalem’s pride now a fool.

But Lewis warned, this path’s askew,
To nature’s law, we must be true.
For without chest, without emotion,
Man’s lost to his own devotion.

The jockey, with Wisdom’s reign,
Must guide the horses’ heart and brain.
Thumos driving spiritedness, must lead,
To noble acts and virtuous deed.

Men without chests, a dire plight,
Lacking heart, lacking light.
Brothers search, it’s not too late,
To mend our ways, to navigate.

Back to virtue, back to the Way,
To train our hearts, to make our vow.
Guide our nous to a deeper math,
By following an ancient path.

Passion focused on the truth,
In our hearts, it finds its proof.
For in the chest, emotions dwell,
A bridge between heaven and hell.

So, heed the call, let not despair,
Let us guide our hearts to do and dare.
With chests reclaimed, with honor bright,
We’ll walk again in Truth’s great light.

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