The Assent Podcast – Interview 1: Paul and Linda Clay

In this interview (scheduled for release on February 2, 2024) with my parents, Paul and Linda Clay, which took place in the Summer of 2023, we discuss many important things. I would like to share a summary review of some important points from this conversation. One of which is the interesting prediction about the coming war in Israel, which was months before Iran’s gruesome attacks that took place in October 2023.

Other key points we discussed in this interview were:  

First, Everyone finds purpose in their own unique way. God has plans for us. Sometimes we stumble into the plans through our own stubbornness, and sometimes God gifts us insight. We are all unique; God’s grace abounds.

Our purpose (like family) often leads to sacrifice, but we find in walking with and giving our lives, our family, and more to God that he turns these sacrifices of faith into beauty. We want to hold on to self, fearful to lose ourselves in God, but what we rarely realize is that what God gives back our life, purified, and capable of walking with God. “We’ve got to serve somebody,” as Dylan once sung.

Secondly, raising children requires sacrifice. Each family does this differently, but some important points that Paul and Linda talk about are for parents not to be concerned with socializing their children but in civilizing their children. This is done by spending (i.e. sacrificing) your time with your children – eat with them, talk to them, read to them, and be there for them. All children will struggle and fall down, a good parent is there for them. Good parents don’t brow beat but help their children stand back up. Good parents encourage their children to be virtuous.  

In today’s age of broken families, God stands ready to provide family, even when we may not be aware of this. God’s family stands with open arms for those that are seeking family. “For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith,” into his eternal family.

Though we fall, God stands ready and willing to reach out and uphold us to continue living lives of faith. None of us can live a meaningful life without the grace of Jesus Christ the God of all creation. Realize that God isn’t that bad guy in the story. He is not out to get us. He wants to protect us and He loves us with a deep holiness we cannot fathom. He gives us so much; and asks for so little in return.

Paul and Linda end with advice to future generations: Take life and your walk with God day-by-day. There is enough in a day to worry about in a single day. Trust God with the future. Also, stay in the Word and be vigilant of what is going on in the world. Pay attention because God is working in the world. God is bringing about some special in the world and we have a yummy future in the age to come, full of his grace, mercy, and love.

Thank you for listening.

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