Christopher Clay

I offer principle centered consulting, management services, and media company services through which I seek to conquer opinion by assenting to the truth. Business judgement, like personal judgement, must be correct. Assent Services helps support you and your community to act in accordance with the good and natural laws of the world and in doing so find success.

Purpose, People, Skill, Position, and Resources:

Purpose is doing what is meaningful – in life and business. Value people – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; we are made to serve one another. Skill is developed through focus and discipline by leveraging individual strengths and being mindful to mitigate weaknesses. Position impacts the value that one can create; where one is going is critical – capitalize on opportunities and prepare for threats. Resources of material, knowledge, money, and, most of all, time should be allocated mindfully and with discipline to act meaningfully in the world as good stewards.

A purposeful, skilled, connected, value adding, disciplined guide.

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