Argyle Fox Publishing


What sets Argyle Fox apart is its philosophy. Every book is handled with love and passion, and every author is treated as part of the family. This ethos resonated deeply with me and was evident in every interaction I had with them.

Book Launch Fundraiser

God’s Way Home, and Christopher Clay are collaborating on a book launch fundraiser. The event, set for Saturday, October 14, 2023, will raise funds for the work of God’s Way Home in support of those seeking recovery from addiction and the book, Five Principles for a Meaningful, Fruitful Life, set for broad release on October 17, 2023.

The Assent Podcast – Community, Episode 5

You can change the world. Take things slow, make small changes, track results, analyze outcomes, and repeat as needed. Be careful taking away suffering caused by error that is how people learn. How can you add value? Help others? Serve in some quiet way?