Argyle Fox Publishing

Navigating the publishing world can be daunting, but my experience with Argyle Fox Publishing has been nothing short of transformative. Founded by Daniel Brantley, this Tennessee-based publishing house is a haven for authors like me, who seek not just to publish a book, but to do so with integrity, expertise, and personal care.

When I first approached Argyle Fox with my manuscript for “Five Principles for a Meaningful, Fruitful Life,” I was met with immediate enthusiasm. Daniel himself took the time to understand the essence of my work, treating it not just as another project, but as a meaningful endeavor deserving of meticulous attention. His constant encouragement and wisdom was a blessing.

I must give special mention to Daniel’s copy editing skills. His keen eye and deep understanding of narrative structure were instrumental in elevating my manuscript. It wasn’t just about fixing errors; Daniel helped refine my voice, making the book the best version of itself.

What sets Argyle Fox apart is its philosophy. Every book is handled with love and passion, and every author is treated as part of the family. This ethos resonated deeply with me and was evident in every interaction I had with them.

If you are thinking of publishing a book visit Argyle Fox Publishing:

Publishing Your Book Made Simple – Cleveland, Chattanooga, TN (


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