Disciplined Direction for Meaningful Achievement

Appalachian Trail. Disciplined Direction for Meaningful Achievement.

You live in a different world. You were born into a different time, culture, geography, and family. Even if you are a twin, you have a unique mind. As society becomes more homogeneous, we risk viewing differences as fairness or unfairness, haves and have-nots, you versus them. But life is not about comparing yourself to […]

The Assent Podcast – Skills, Episode 6

You are unique and that is wonderful!

Don’t stop there.

Uniqueness is just a state of being. Those unique things do not matter on their own, but what you do with that uniqueness does. What skills you develop in balancing the state between ability and inability matters! Develop skills.

Five Favorite Sites in Israel

Capula of the Church of Annunciation

Israel is a special place that is unique in all the world with an ancient history and a complex modern story. The story of Israel and one’s personal travels and experience with it are going to be unique and individual. For me, the story of Israel is about exploring, discovering history, walking in the footsteps of my redeemer, and wrestling with personal questions.

Five Surprising Things About Israel

Israeli Flag Over Mediterranean

Israel is a small desert country on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the nation state of the Jewish people, with roots in ancient history, and a complicated modern story. There are many surprising things about this country, but here are my top five:

The Significance of Luke and Ancient Judaism

Bible Study

It has taken me a while to complete a study of Luke, reading about modern Israel’s history, studying Hebrew, and other complications have slowed down my personal study time. I am glad to have finished this undertaking prior to my travels to the Holy Land. Luke has a unique voice and seems to be a […]

Improve Your Life

Time is a Resource

Dear Seeker of Truth, Want to be healthier, have more money, or improve other facets of your life? This letter is for you! Your body, energy level, and health are a type of resource. Resources can be anything used to accomplish a task — lumber to build a house, money to buy the lumber, time […]

Assent to Truth

Assent to Truth

Dear Seeker of the Truth, If you have not wrestled with the meaning of life, you are susceptible to finding that meaning through whoever is a better marketer. How do you treat the environment? How do you learn and grow your skills and your community’s skills? What are the value and purpose of your relationships […]

Servant Leadership

Partner for Performance Matrix

Servant leadership is about being disciplined, having good habits, and partnering for purposeful performance. There is a lot of good information about servant leadership in The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard. Being a servant leader requires disciplined daily recalibration and good habits. Solitude Prayer and Meditation Study Disciplined Focus Maintaining Accountability A good servant leader […]

Better Relationships

No Man is an Island

Dear Seeker of the Truth, Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee… No man is an island. —John Donne There is a reason Dante’s lowest level of hell is for the betrayers. Placing your heart on […]