Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is about being disciplined, having good habits, and partnering for purposeful performance. There is a lot of good information about servant leadership in The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard.

Being a servant leader requires disciplined daily recalibration and good habits.

  • Solitude
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Study
  • Disciplined Focus
  • Maintaining Accountability

A good servant leader should try to meet their team members where they are by partnering for performance based on the support or direction that is needed. Of course, this assumes the leader has a plan or vision in place. Peak performers need simple delegation. A cautious performer may need additional support behaviors from a good leader. Disillusioned learners need support and direction of various degrees, depending on the specifics of the situation. Enthusiastic beginners may not need much support, but will probably need a lot of directing.

A good servant leader seeks to meet people at heart and mind level. Seek to understand others, their commitment and competence. Remain flexible in how you can serve from a situational and individual perspective.

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