Letters of Assent

These are letters for people who want to live more meaningful lives!

Working with one of the most reputable newsletter companies in the world, the Letters of Assent is designed from the ground up to deliver high impact, quality, and consistent guidance on living a more abundant life.

What is in these letters? Guidance on how to improve fundamental aspects of life!

  • Improve your relationship with God.
  • Build a better relationship with those important to you.
  • Learn how to think better in a world full of distraction.
  • Begin developing a healthier body, bank account, or other facet of life.
  • Change the world.

Have you ever felt like something was not aligned or balanced in your life? Does it ever seem like you are living day to day? Does it seem like God just isn’t there and you wonder why? Ever struggle with how to improve your relationships? Do you like to learn and grow as a person but just don’t know where to start with all the distractions out there? Would you like to be healthier, have more energy, get stronger, earn more money, but are confused by all the fads?

The Letters of Assent are a jump start program to a better path in this world of noise, fake news, and fad gurus. What do the Letters of Assent offer? These are weekly letters delivered Thursday night providing insightful quality guidance in a concise easy-to-read format walking you through actionable steps towards living more purposefully. These simple action items help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually live a more fulfilling, meaningful, and ultimately fruitful life. The guidance is accompanied by a simple action that you can put in place the following week(s) that will change your life. Simple actions like subscribing to this newsletter or focusing the mind towards a more purposeful direction.

Each letter has additional free resources to support you. Plus even more added resources for those interested in a
deeper dive. These resources will completely change your world! Guaranteed!

There are no secrets here. I have invested in the most trustworthy email marketing platform available. My reputation is important. You can opt out anytime with easy to unsubscribe links and I comply with all anti-spam laws. The content will always be relevant and useful. In a world of cancel culture many of the ideas I share challenge the status quo. It is important for me to share what I have learned so you can avoid some of my mistakes. These letters enable me to keep in touch in a changing world that fears those that assent to wisdom.

All free. Unsubscribe anytime. After the first five weeks (week six) you will get a link to my private Facebook group where we can talk about the content and what you would like to see next. The Thursday emails will continue with high quality, relevant content.

Assent to Truth,

Christopher Clay

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